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The appointment not to have missed. To end the year 2019 Helen's Dance and LX organized on June 14, 2019 the "Workshops" dance workshop. A workshop that was aimed for young jazz and hip hop dancers teenagers and adults. Thanks to Randy Rocha for making contacts with teachers who have been able to inspire the many participants in the courses offered by their art and technical skills.

The day of June 15th was dedicated to the presentation of the first edition of our "OPEN DOOR SHOW 2019". The school's students and teachers had the great pleasure of demonstrating this year's technical skills and choreography.

Two great days of dancing for students, parents and friends of Helen's Dance and LX.




knowledge - lost and found again

a dance performance on June 30th and 1st of July 2017

”Orbis pictus” or “Orbis Sensualium Pictus” (a world of texts and pictures) is an encyclopedia for children, which has been compiled by the theologian Johann Amos Comenius in the seventeenth century.
Our dance spectacle visualizes the consequences of the disappearance of knowledge represented by this educational masterpiece. And it follows various, famous personalities from crime literature in their endeavor to unearth knowledge again.
Knowledge is worth the effort, isn’t it?

Dancers: students of Helen’s dance
Idea, staging and music: Hélène Van den Kerchove
Choreography: teachers of Helen’s Dance: Anne Mootz, Joëlle Traufler, Laura di Ronco, Polina Laktionova, Randy Rocha (LX), Alex Lopes (LX)
Special guest dancers and choreographers: Andrea Böge, Hoang Le Ung, Milon Quayim, Hannah Spreitzenbarth,Yasin Kamat
Costume: advice: Annick Schroeder, Michelle Schroeder/ making: Svetlana Asipenka
Conception technique: Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg




Projet Musée Vauban: 3 octobre 2014

Exit ou L’effeuillement d’une passion impériale

Spectacle de danse, théâtre et musique
Création chorégraphique
Dance, theatre and music performance
Choreographic creation

A story is told:

"The guardian of the museum, guardian of time, left the doors open. The night, mother of all the stars, becomes a witness. The memory of a royal couple - black, sparkling - slips into the rooms and fills the elegant spaces with poetic sweetness. "

The other look:

*Go back in time and enter a world where the works of a sumptuous historical period enchant you; let yourself be guided by the music, enjoy the choreographed moment, the dance of words, the space transformed by the performer's body language, the unexpected encounter with the dance work.

An extravagant journey, punctuated by a multitude of choreographic scenes, takes you to the heart of the passionate memory of William II and Anna Pavlovna.

This choreographic creation, a unique opportunity to see the exhibition come to life through music, dance and theatre.

Artistic director: Hélène Van den Kerchove
Cello: André Mergenthaler
Accordion, piano and singing: Ipca Ramanovic
Dance and music performers: Andrea Böge, Hoang le Ung(Luh), Anne Mootz, Denny Hartman, Joshua Take, Nathalie Neuser, Hannah Einsle.
with the support of Helen's Dance



"AUGUSTINE", voyage d’un monde blanc vers un monde en couleur.

A dance performance or an invitation to an extraordinary adventure thanks to the magic of art. Everyone participates, imagines, creates, paints, choreographs, sings and dances. Augustus means happy. Art becomes this tool that leads the creator to his or her development.
And then, isn't happy childhood a beautiful project?
"Augustine", is a creation of children for children and for all those who have not lost the deep sense of seeing.
"Augustine" is the formidable project of the great creation, a laboratory of colours whose aim is to make us happy for a short moment of living together.

Conception, mise en scène, choix musical, chorégraphie: Hélène Van den Kerchove
Chorégraphie: Anne Mootz, Pady Junker, Marie Chabireaud, Nathalie Neuser, Aurélie Thill, Alex Lopes ( Hip Hop LX)
Danse: professeurs et élèves de Helen’s dance et de LX
Participation exceptionnelle de Andrea Böge, Hannah Katarina Spreitzenbarth, Denny Hartmann, Huang le Hong (hip hop & contemporary dance / Germany)
Chorale "Heemelsdeiercher" Limpertsberg
directrices de choeur: Maryse Pauly et Tuulia Pasanen
Atelier de peinture: élèves de Helen’s DanceMixage son, lumière, encadrement technique: Cay Hecker


Séance académique à l’occasion du 100e anniversaire du Comité Olympique et Sportif de Luxembourg


Direction of the show: Hélène Van den Kerchove

"De La Alia", a choreographic show that looks at the gestures of the sporting and/or playful movement, at the border between play and sport, which is only a tiny trace yet so difficult to cross.

Danseurs: Huang le Ung, Hannah Spreitzenbarth, Besnik Selimaj, Anne Mootz, Pady Junker, Hannah Einsle, Nathalie Neuser, Mila Polo / Réalisation des costumes: Caroline Koener /choix musical: Hélène Van den Kerchove


Direction of the show: Hélène Van den Kerchove

The image is the common language of humanity, with an immediate presence, both shadow and reflection, it is the symbol to which man reveals himself and which encourages his coming to life.

Danseurs: Huang le Ung, Hannah Spreitzenbarth, Besnik Selimaj, Anne Mootz, Pady Junker, Hannah Einsle



Spectacle de danse "TATU LUMI" produit par Helen's Dance présenté par les élèves de l'école et des danseurs professionnels


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