A step in the air

The gardens of imagination, a world without limits, a universe of all possibilities.

How many museums have we visited, how many works of art have we admired in our lifetime! And how often do we wish to weave life with only the colour of our own threads in the hand. Our existence seems to be a con- tinuous exploration of the landscape of imagination. Let us recall the myths and tales, the poems and novels, the shapes and sounds.

Learning the language of the imaginary in culture, in all human activities and even in science, all these imply your right to dream yourself a true actor in the city of the world.

“Eigentlich bin ich ganz anders, ich komme nur so selten dazu.” Ödön von Horváth

To you alone I write these few words that accompany me at every moment. My gaze is forward, the dance always takes us forward, one step for a second, another step and another step like an experience of seconds threaded on the strings of life’s pearls.

Time passes, it takes us by the hand: come, come at full gallop across the meadows and over the mountains. What a beautiful illusion. Caressing and intoxicating, it lulls us into the here and now and time passes in the effervescence of the moment.

I am not a musician, nor a writer, nor a dancer. I am not a painter or a sculptor, I am on the paths of this world in the form of many „nots“ which are at the same time possibilities. I am also this heart that beats. Always to the rhythm of your heart.

I stretch out my arm and reach out my hand. Crossing this thin membrane of which we think that it separates the worlds. I feel the distant drums, I hear the songs as if I knew them. And I see the beauty that dresses life like a veil of shimmering sequins. Beauty - that ornament we take off to discover the diamond.

I cherish you - so much. To death. In the pearls of life that we gather, I discover you, you who are life, who are drums, who are breath, you who whisper your beauty at every moment, you, I discover.

You are love.